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Finding Traction

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A practical and holistic course to help you find the traction necessary to  walk out your first year of complete freedom from sexually compulsive behaviors

Want a quick summary of what the course offers ... check this video a pdf that shows the topics for all 52 weeks!

See all 52 Weeks at a glance here...

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Week 1 Lesson -- Free!

Each lesson comes with a worksheet for individual or group work

And an audio file

Houston -We Have a Problem - Vern Tompke

Buy the rest of Quarter One to work on the following...
week 2 why do I do what I don't want to do?
week 3 the addiction cycle
week 4 getting started
week 5 technology traps
week 6 isolation vs. connection
week 7 forgiveness vs. healing
week 8 safe people/safe groups
week 9 your story
week 10 rock bottom and repentance
week 11 gains and losses
week 12 your big why
week 13  is there hope?

Cost - $34.95 USD/quarter (but check out discount for Q1)
- Purchase in 2 easy steps

  1. Pay using paypal button
  2. Send email to
immediate link to all 13 weeks of files
      using GoogleDrive (files incl. audio,worksheet,video)


Quarter 2 Week 14-26

Quarter 3 Week 27-39

Quarter 4 Week 40-52

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